What can you Sell:

You can sell any pre-loved baby and children's items that are intended for babies and children aged 0-8 plus any maternity items. Toys, maternity clothing, baby and children’s clothes, bedding, buggies, baby gates, books, play-mats, ride-on toys, mobiles, scooters, bikes and trikes, cots, shoes, puzzles, DVD’s, the list is endless. Your goods should be second hand and in a good, clean and presentable condition. One way to look at it is; would you buy the items that you are selling?.  Wipe over equipment and toys, wash & iron clothes, replace or remove old batteries and make sure everything is in full working order.

If you feel that you do not have enough items to sell on your own why not pair up with a friend?  Just be careful not to overload your table as that is more likely to put off buyers as they don't want to trawl through items that are stacked up and not easily visible.

What do you get when you purchase a stall:

Public Liability Insurance (unless you're a business, then you will need to produce your own insurance certificate, a copy of the certificate will be required in advance before the event).

Where appropriate, one trestle table approximately 1.8m x 0.6m (6’ x 2’)  or depending on sale Venue table sizing can vary but the price of the table would reflect this – Table cloth NOT included

An additional half a metre (approximately) of floor space either end of your table. This space can be used for a clothes hanging rail (NOTE: not round or over-sized), if you don’t have a clothes rail, a single buggy/pushchair or highchair could also fit in this space

An additional half a metre (approximately) of floor space at the front of your table

Storage space under your table. Larger items should be dismantled, we advise attaching a photo to the item, presenting it when erected

Where appropriate, one or two chairs as required

FREE entry for you and ONE ‘helper’ (Per table)

Market day support staff

An extensive marketing campaign to attract buyers to the sale

The opportunity to sell to hundreds of buyers

The opportunity to meet like-minded mums and carers

Tips for Stallholders prior to the sale:

Measure and mark out your stall on a floor at home and place the items you want to sell in that space, this will give you an idea of what goods to take along on market day

Attach pricing labels to as many of your items as possible

A table cloth (preferably a plain white one) To dress your table as this presents better to your buyers

A cash box or money belt

Plenty of change for your shoppers

Plastic bags to put your sold goods in (such as supermarket bags)

Clothes hanging rail if selling clothes

Pricing labels. Items sell much better when clearly labelled; some buyers dismiss items without a price on them.

Plastic storage boxes or baskets. Sellers often bundle items together like books, figures or toy cars and other small items, then place the goods in storage boxes and label the box “All items inside 50p”

On the day of the sale:

Our doors open to stallholders 1hr prior to the doors opening to the shoppers.  

Stallholders must adhere to the market opening hours Transactions are only permitted between the start and finish times and should only pack up when the organiser declares the venue closed.

All stalls must be cleared and rubbish removed 1/2hr after the event closes.

Make sure you interact with the buyers smile and offer suggestions as this does encourages buyers to your stall.

Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security.  They grow so fast accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage. Also we accept no responsibility or liability for the quality or condition of items purchased at a They grow so fast market. Purchases are made entirely at the individual's own risk, all items are sold as seen.  They Grow So Fast accept no responsibility for sellers' or buyers' property on the sale day and accept no liability for loss or damage however caused. 
Stallholders are responsible for the safety of their own stall (should set their stall up in a safe way to avoid accidents)

Before making a payment please call me on: 07717 454161 and check availability of tables.